Brazilian Bikini Wax, French Wax, American Bikini Wax or Laser Hair Removal?

Vagina Piercing

Full Brazilian

Removal of pubic hair, as in the Full Brazilian Bikini Wax,  has become very common practice over the last few decades, especially if you want to show off a vagina piercing or tattoo.  Whether you get a Full Brazilian Bikini Wax,  American Bikini Wax,  a French wax,  laser hair removal or if you simply shave your pubic hair away,  these days it seems that less is more when it comes to pubic hair.   Although its extremely popular now, it has actually been practiced for thousands of years in ancient civilizations and they’re after. Over time, new methods and materials have been used to accomplish this.

Is It A Full Brazilian Bikini Wax?

There are certain styles that have multiple names, and much of that depends on the location in addition to the particular style.  A French Wax has a few different names, such as the Playboy, the G waxing, the partial Brazilian bikini wax and even the landing strip. It has been given these names for obvious reasons, being that all, except for a vertical strip of pubic hair in the front are removed.

That said, the full Brazilian bikini wax removes all of it, leaving no hair in the pubic region. Its other common names are the Sphinx and the Hollywood.  A basic procedure is known as the American Bikini Wax which simply removes the hairs that stray beyond the bikini line.

Full Brazilian Bikini Wax

Both men and women practice hair removal methods of some type, even the Brazilian Bikini Wax,  because they recognize the fact that it’s more hygienic, but also more appealing and sexy. The different methods include shaving, depilatory creams, sugaring, waxing and laser treatment.

The latter considered to be a permanent solution which requires the individual to undergo several treatments in order to benefit from the permanence.   Certainly, their results are longer-lasting than any other procedure, but they come with a high price.

Of course, the choice is a personal one and left up to the individual. What is recommended is for people to understand the benefits and the downsides of every method, even the full Braziilian Bikini Wax,  to ensure they are satisfied with the results and there are no unpleasant surprises.

With regards to shaving, it is a quick and easy way to go about it, but it can easily cause irritation as well as cuts. The problems associated with this method are the short-lived results, the ingrown hairs and irritation that is practically inevitable.  Depilatory creams are available, allowing for a few days of hair free results, only that one has to endure the unpleasant smells and chemical irritation.

Sugaring and waxing provide longer results. Furthermore, they benefit the individual over time, as the process weakens the hair follicles, resulting in thinner hair growth.  Anyone who chooses to remove all pubic hair, as in the Brazilian Bikini Wax, will  benefit from a more exotic look,  reduction of bacteria in the pubic area, and a wider choice of bathing suit styles.

Is A Full Brazilian Bikini Wax For You?



So whether you want to show off a vagina piercing, tattoo or you just want to be clean and smooth, a full Brazilian Bikini wax may be for you.