Vagina Piercing

vagina piercing

Vagina Piercing

One of the main reasons so many women are exploring the possibility of having a vagina piercing is for an enhancement of arousal and pleasure during sex.  They can also be quite decorative, and many men and women find vagina piercing attractive and very sexy.

There are different styles and methods of vagina piercing to choose from, some are more ornamental, while others are more pleasurable. The procedure can be a little risky, but they usually heal well.

The VCH, or vertical clitoral hood, is one of the safest and most common types of vagina piercing. The clitoral hood is a very thin piece of skin that covers the super sensitive clitoris. With the jewelry placed vertically on the skin, it does not cause much friction. This kind does cause pleasure when placed correctly on the clitoral hood.

Vagina Piercing

Vagina Piercing

When the soft, outermost lips over the genital area are pierced, it is called an outer labia, or OL. Many women have more than one. These are mostly for decorative purposes, because they are not close enough to the clitoris to affect stimulation.

A Christina piercing, also known as a Venus piercing, is another vagina piercing that is very popular. It is located where the outer labia meet, below the pubic mound. Unless the recipient has just the right anatomy, Christinas are usually considered surface piercings and have a high rejection rate. Due to anatomical variation, it is not possible with every woman. The piercing does not enhance sexual stimulation and can be uncomfortable when pressure is applied, for example when wearing tight pants.

A Nefertiti piercing is a vagina piercing that is a combination of a vertical clitoral hood piercing  and a Christina piercing.  Healing can be lengthy due to the amount of tissue the jewelry must pass through. Flexible bars are recommended by professional piercers for jewelry due to pressures that could be put on the piercing by being passed through so much flesh.

Another type of female genital piercings are called triangles. A triangle is when a circular barbell is positioned just behind the clitoris, below the clitoral shaft. It is very easy for this kind to cause sexual stimulation. It is usually protected by the lips of the outer labia, so it will not get caught easily on clothing. However, it often takes up to three months for it to heal.

Is Vagina Piercing Painful?

Many women are worried that a vagina piercing is painful and hard to take care of, though it depends on the type of procedure. Piercings on the outer labia involve thick skin and tissue, so they can be fairly painful. However, piercings that involve thin tissue, such as the VCH, are often the least painful.

If necessary, a topical anesthetic can be used to nearly numb the area. Many piercers keep anesthetics suitable for using on the genitals. They come as sprays or creams. A glass of wine or an aspirin taken a half hour before the process can also help to make the procedure less painful.

After You Get A Vagina Piercing

Caring for the area afterwards is very important to avoid an infection. Clean the area as instructed by the piercer. It could be necessary to avoid sex or masturbation for a while. Depending on the kind of piercings, it might take up to three months, or as little as two weeks, to fully heal.

Be sure to understand that it is nearly impossible to safely and accurately perform your own vagina piercing. This is very unsafe and can lead to serious injury. While many may have pierced their own ears or bellybutton, a genital piercing isn’t as simple. Only professional, experienced piercers know just how to position the jewelry on the genitals so that it will cause pleasure, not discomfort or irritation. Home piercings may also be asymmetrical and are much more likely to get infected.

If carefully maintained, a vagina piercing is a great form of sexual expression. It should only take a few days to become accustomed to it. They usually heal quickly without infection.

Check out this video about clitoral and other vagina piercing:


Required Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner. This article is not intended to be a substitute for visiting your own doctor.

Vagina Piercing and body piercing, it’s your body, it’s  your decision, enjoy it!

Tattoos For Women And Vagina Piercing

body piercingWhether you’re looking to complement your vagina piercing or just looking for other ways of expressing yourself, tattooing can be a true art form!   Tattoos for women are as varied as any art form.  Pubic area tattoos along with vagina piercing are becoming more accepted.

Tattoos For Women

Lower Back Tattoos:  A lower back tattoo is a body decoration, sometimes intended to emphasize sexual attractiveness.  These tattoos have become popular since the late 1990s. They are sometimes derided as suggestive of promiscuity and often referred to as “tramp stamps” and other slang terms. The German term Arschgeweih can be translated as ‘ass antlers’.  These tattoos are primarily seen on women, although an increasing number of men have them as well.

Lower Back Tattoos

The lower back is not the widest area of the human back, however it has abundant space for a large design and horizontal tattoo designs can be worked easily.  By contrast to the abdomen, which is otherwise a similar location, the lower back does not stretch significantly during weight gains, therefore it provides  a more stable site for a design.  Lower back tattoos are often left uncovered and exposed by low-rise jeans that are worn low around the hips.  These are some of the most popular tattoos for women.


Tattos for women and Vagina Piercing





 Vagina Piercing

Many these days find the combination of a vagina piercing and a complementary tattoo very appealing.  In fact, if well thought out and coordinated, multiple body piercings, including a vagina piercing, and multiple tattoos can constitute a living work of art.

As vagina piercing and the accompanying tattoos for women become more accepted in the main stream, I believe they both will be recognized for the beauty the bring to the human form and the demonstration of a tattoo artist’s skill.

Tattoos for women and vagina piercing are here to stay and coming to a vagina near you!

The History of Body Piercing And Vagina Piercing

body piercing and vagina piercingIn discussing body piercing – the history of body piercing to include vagina piercing, it is clear this is not a new phenomenon to human beings. It has been practiced for over 30,000 years by communities all over the world. It holds great cultural and religious meanings. There are also piercings for various medical benefits and therapies. Various regions and parts are pierced for ornaments including the ears, nose, mouth and the belly button (especially for women).

In modern day world, few people practice it for reasons other than ornaments. The known religions that have piercings for religious purposes are Hinduism and other cults. Otherwise piercings are done for fashion reasons and are most common among the youth. Though some old people still practice piercings, they are a rare sight indeed.

In ancient Egyptian civilization, piercings reflected status and the love for beauty. The mummies that have been discovered with piercings in the tombs of Egypt were dated to 5000 years ago. They belonged to a supposedly rich man and were in the form of ear plugs. This is the basis for the theory that plugs were the earliest forms of bodily piercings.


Body Piercing And Vagina Piercing

The pharaohs of Egypt were the only people allowed to have their belly buttons pierced and this proves that belly buttons have not started being pierced today. Any other subject even of the royal family was not allowed to adorn themselves in these piercings which were made of gold.

The Bible And Body Piercing

(Including Vagina Piercing)

The bible also documents the this practice as abundant. It was considered a mark of wealth and status. It was given in many cases as the bride price and were widely accepted. It also signified beauty.

Romans were another civilization that treasured piercings and considered piercing nipples of centurions to be a sign of strength and virility. It served as a mark of honor that signified undying loyalty to the service of the Roman Empire therefore was the preserve of a few. Gladiators had their genitals pieced since they were slaves. This prevented them from engaging in intercourse without the consent of their owners.

Among the ancient Mayan empire peoples and some American Indians, they practiced it on the tongue for religious reasons. It was said to bring them closer to their gods as it was a form of ritual bloodletting. Their warriors had their noses pierced to achieve a frightening look.

As the world developed, this practice received heavy criticism from the church that condemned it as sinful. This caused the practice to die down especially in the western world and spread all over due to colonialism. However in recent years it has grown back and is catching on popularity.

body piercingIt started with what was called the renaissance period during the Elizabethan period during which men actively took up the practice especially sailors. However in the last century this has been mainly in the ears for both men and women.

The art has been spreading to other parts like the nose and eyelids. Rock stars and their adoring fans have been known to be the most avid piercers with some of the most outrageous piercings. Conservatives have stuck to the ear piercings and only women are allowed this type of body piercing.

Vagina Piercing

Even vagina piercing is becoming increasingly more accepted and desired.  Fortunately, the decision to have a body piercing, vagina piercing or tattoo is yours to make.

Is Vagina Piercing For You?

Getting a vagina piercing can be a life-changing experience and create maximum pleasure, but the procedure can be risky. There are several types of procedures, some more pleasurable than others, that can make the female genitals more exciting and sexier than ever. They have become increasingly popular as more and more women have been getting in touch with their own sexualities.

Vagina Piercing

vagina piercing

Vagina Piercing

One of the most important things that anyone who is interested in vaginal piercings needs to understand is the fact that they cannot be done at home. While some pierce their own ears or bellybutton successfully at home, the genital area is too delicate. It is very easy for the hole to become infected or irritated against clothing.

Among the safest and most popular kind of vaginal piercings is the VCH, also known as the vertical clitoral hood. The thin pocket of skin that covers the highly sensitive clitoris is called the clitoral hood. The jewelry is placed vertically, rather than horizontally, so there is little friction created in the area. When carefully pierced, it can cause pleasure in the clitoral area.


The OL, or outer labia, is pierced horizontally on the soft, outermost flaps of skin. Many women have multiple piercings here at once. They do not create much extra stimulation. The OL is best for ornamentation. Since it is on the outside of the genitals, it can easily be caught on clothing, so be sure to dress and undress especially carefully with this type.

The Triangle is normally a circular barbell placed behind and below the shaft of the clitoris. It is known to cause even more pleasurable stimulation that the VCH. It is normally safe from becoming caught on clothing, though it can take up to three months to heal.

Vagina Piercing And Pain

Many women are worried that vaginal piercings are painful and hard to take care of, though it depends on the type of procedure. Piercings on the outer labia involve thick skin and tissue, so they can be fairly painful. However, piercings that involve thin tissue, such as the VCH, are often the least painful.

If necessary, a topical anesthetic can be used to nearly numb the area. Many piercers keep anesthetics suitable for using on the genitals. They come as sprays or creams. A glass of wine or an aspirin taken a half hour before the process can also help to make the procedure less painful.

Aftercare for piercings usually involve avoiding sex and masturbation for a period of time. The area may have to be cleaned carefully. It can take between two weeks and three months to heal.

Are You Up For A Vagina Piercing

When properly cared for, a vagina piercing is a fun way to express yourself. It only takes a few days to get used to it. Many heal just fine without infections or injuries.

Vagina Piercing Videos

Here are a couple of vagina piercing videos for you to see……more coming soon.  We are constantly looking for suitable videos to provide that will inform you regarding your decision to have a body piercing, and specifically a genital piercing.

Vagina Piercing

and Body Piercing

Vagina Piercing | Body Piercing

Vagina Piercing | Labia Piercing | Clitoris Piercing

Having a genital piercing can be highly rewarding.  Visually they can be stunning and very sexual.  They can also be very physically stimulating, if done correctly, and assuming you have the amenable anatomy, that is, features that allow for the successful completion of a genital piercing, such as sufficient mass in your clitoris or labia, depending on which type of genital piercing you intend to have performed.

To have a piercing successfully performed on you clitoris it must be of sufficient size.  Consult the appropriate medical professional to determine if your clitoris is of sufficient size to have a piercing accomplished.

Having your labia pierced is much more straight forward.  If you have labia, you will likely be able to have them pierced.  However, again, you should have an evaluation of your labia completed by an appropriate medical professional prior to having any piercing procedure done.   It is never recommended that you attempt to perform any sort of genital piercing, to include clitoral piercing, labia piercing of clitoral hood piercing on your own, or in the absence of medical professionals.  Improper piercing can lead to infection or excessive bleeding, which of course is a very serious matter.  Improper piercing in addition to being life threatening can lead to permanent disfigurement.  So, for your genitals sake, and yours, have proper evaluations conducted, then reflect on your decision to have your genitals altered before you go ahead with the piercing.  You’ll be glad you took the extra time.

A proper vagina piercing can bring years of joy and pleasure!

More Vagina Piercing Videos Coming Soon!